The Helmet Life – Max’s Plagiocephaly Adventure

cranial helmet

Max’s helmet journey has been going a lot better than we expected.  His first full day was a little rough but after that he adjusted to it quite well and has even been sleeping better at night.  His sisters think it is the cutest thing and love to help me decorate it with stickers every other week.  We have gone out in public quite a few times and we have had other people share there experiences with family members having to wear a helmet.  We’ve even had people ask us where we purchased it because they want one for their children or grandchildren for safety reasons.  ha ha ha  

cranial helmet
Day 1.  Sorry for the blurry pic.  

cranial helmet
At Max’s 1 week appointment he measured at 10 mm.  The measurement was taken by a different orthotist so it’s give or take a millimeter.  If you don’t remember, Max’s original measurement was 14.5 mm so he is progressing quite well.  We go back for his next measurement on July 31st.  We did have to go back once last week because he developed a sore on his cheek that he started to scratch causing it to bleed.  We ended up having to keep the helmet off for 36 hours till it healed. He did not sleep well the night he had the helmet off.  
cranial helmet


cranial helmet

The helmet is supposed to be worn for 23 hours a day but I keep Max on “summer hours” so he wears it approximately 21-22 hours a day.  He sweats a lot so I try and keep it off of him while he eats and the hour before bedtime.  

We are waiting for a local sign graphics company to finish creating his helmet wrap.  We can’t wait till it’s done!  If your little one needs their helmet wrapped look up Wrap Buddies.  They are a group of sign companies that wrap cranial bands for FREE.  It’s the sweetest thing!



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